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The digital, touch-screen Thermomix TM5 is an extremely versatile kitchen appliance which will appeal to a broad range of people with different  cooking abilities ….. from total novice or experienced cook to professional chefs.  As a professional chef myself, I was attracted by the TM5′s ability to save me time, money, effort and washing up to produce a versatile, eclectic and international range of dishes.  In fact, I liked the machine so much, that I became an Independent Thermomix Advisor and now enjoy demonstrating the benefits of owning one on the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, West Sussex, South Surrey, Dorset and Somerset. Here are a few reasons why you should own a Thermomix:

AMAZING SUPPORT from other owners

There is a huge global Thermomix following out there!  Owners as far away as Australia produce some very professional blogs; some with literally thousands of recipes to help you create some amazing dishes to impress family and friends.  As I use my Thermomix to produce consistently brilliant doughs, pastries, biscuts etc, the blog which I love the best is produced by a German lady called Sophia Handschuh – Thermomix Baking Blogger – she has also produced a couple of great books too – ‘Practice Mix Perfect’ & ‘Homebaked’ (see link above)


Novice or expert – before you buy, you will have a one hour demonstration by one of Thermomix’s trained Independent Advisors, who will show you how easy the TM5 is to use and answer any questions that you have. It is easy and safe to use.  Children love to use the TM5 and especially the digital touch screen under the guidance of an adult. The step-by-step on-screen recipes are really easy to follow – no need to keep referring to a cookery book, laptop or i.pad – its all there, right in front of you on the screen. All you need to do is put the raw food in the TM Bowl and set the time, temperature (if using) and speed – it really is that simple. Dishes that you usually have to stay with while you cook and stir turn out perfectly every time – bechamel sauce, hollandaise, custards, risotto, creme patissiere etc. You will never burn or over cook soups again; just set the timer,  temperature to 100C, and speed and presto 20 minutes later you have perfect soup – every time!


If you are time limited with your cooking, buy ready meals, have to juggle cooking around school runs, work, or just like to knock something up quickly, then you can weigh, chop, blend, knead in seconds. You can be getting on with other things while the TM5 is cooking your next meal unattended and the gentle sounding alarm will tell you when your dish is ready. Risottos are a great example of the cooking efficiency with accurate temperature control of the TM5. It will knead your bread dough in 2 minutes, make ice creams and sorbets, churning them in a couple of minutes ready to serve and yes – it can even wash itself!


We have found that buying fresh, healthy, local ingredients and making all our own dishes at home has reduced the cost of our weekly food shop.  We now regularly make: Creamy Greek Style Yoghurt, a range of Breads, Biscuits, Bolognaise Sauce, Pesto, Cakes, Stews, Risottos, Chocolate Spread, Lemon Curd, Custards, Jams, Marmalade,  Chutneys, Cocktails ….. oh yes, and curries – every Saturday I make two or three curries which my family absolutely love.

TM5 onboard a 60' Oyster 575 during the 2014 Trans Atlantic ARC Race

TM5 onboard a 60′ Oyster 575 during the 2014 Trans Atlantic ARC Race


It is said that Madrid has one Thermomix for every two homes. If you have ever visited this sprawling metropolis, you will already know about the vast skyline when approaching by road from the North, South, East or West – totally dominated by high-rise blocks of apartments where space in the kitchen is often limited.  All your TM5 will need is a snug little corner to sit on your kitchen work surface. Thermomix is like owning 12 different kitchen appliances in one: food processor, blender, juicer, smoothie maker, kitchen scales, spice grinder, steamer, rice cooker, hob and more!

Master Chef's Monica Galetti visits our stand at the BBC Good Food Show

Master Chef’s Monica Galetti visits our stand at the BBC Good Food Show


Thermomix can save you ‘pennies’ in a number of different ways. Firstly a reduction in your own time in the kitchen – if you were to put a value on that at only £10 an hour, you will save yourself loads of money in no time at all. The TM uses approximately 50% less power than an Induction Hob. You can also make financial savings on the power you use heating water for washing up, a reduction in the amount of water used too. You will certainly find that you will use your gas or electric hob far less.


The new digital recipe chip technology will make preparing and cooking dishes you would never have thought of as easy as pie! Time, temperature and speed are all displayed on one screen. The current settings are always highlighted and can easily be adjusted while cooking by tweaking the selector dial.  No need to keep referring to recipe books, laptop or your i.pad.  Recipe Chips are available in a range of languages. Further Recipe Chips from Thermomix publications are planned to be available soon.

The Digital Recipe Chip helps to make cooking effortless

The Digital Recipe Chip helps to make cooking effortless

COOKIDOO  (Thermomix Recipe Platform)

Whether you’re looking to feed a family of 4, or cook a quick and easy dish for yourself, our Cookicoo® Thermomix Recipe Platform is packed with brilliant ideas and recipes.

The Thermomix Recipe Platform, now called Cookidoo ® is an online treasure trove of official Thermomix ® recipes that will help you get even more out of your Thermomix ®. It will help you organize yourself better too – with weekly meal planners and shopping lists. Take your favourite recipes, weekly planners and shopping lists with you – wherever you are.

Later this year (2017), Thermomix will launch the latest development for the Thermomix TM5 – the brand new Cook Key.  This new bit of kit will allow you to send your favourite recipes from the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform directly to the display of your Thermomix ® TM5 – using wireless internet connection. All recipes in the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform come with the innovative Guided Cooking function that provides you with helpful guidance for every step of your meal preparation.



The “Varoma”  enables you to cook a variety of dishes in the steamer, while also cooking in the TM mixing bowl. The Varoma consists of three parts: the Varoma dish and Varoma lid must always be used when steaming, whereas the Varoma tray is an optional instert, enabling you to cook and steam across 4 levels.


Steaming is easy with the versatile Varoma attachment



I have friends who take their Thermomix on holiday with them. Self catering chalets, static caravans, timber lodges, carvans, campers and yachts. These are a few of the locations where customers find their TM5 invaluable. A friend uses her TM5 in her camper when she goes to music festivals and runs it off a large solar panel that feeds two “Leisure batteries” and a 2000w (2k) inverter.  She tells me that this is really easy to set up and lasts for 3 days preparing  and cooking all meals, snacks, biscuits, smoothies in overcast weather and rainy conditions. If sunny (she says) – it could go on and on! It will run on most yachts, but you will need to check your power supply first.


You will be selecting your own fresh or dried ingredients and have total control over what goes into your food. My daughter and her partner Mark are both Coeliacs and have intolerances to a range of food items and they have found the TM5 a god-send. The TM5 will help you to maintain a healthy body because you can quickly and easily prepare and cook great food from ‘real’ ingredients with no preservatives or other added ingredients or chemicals.


During the colder Winter months in England, we love to prepare and cook “One Pot” dishes, finished off with potatoes or dumplings. Saturday night is “Curry Night” in our house. Our 21 year old son makes his own curry pastes and Garam Marsala with our TM5 – no more buying expensive pastes and powders from our local supermarket.


I just made the most amazing Chicken Liver Parfait, using Raymond Blanc’s FAB recipe. Once you get used to your TM5, I have found that on-line or book recipes are usually fairly straight forward to adapt. My Parfait turned out beautifully and is now resting in my freezer ready to grace our dining table on Christmas Day 2016. You can really impress dinner guests with your version of a Frozen Mousse, Cheese Souffle or a sexy Frozen Mojito with your first BBQ next summer.


Following a two hour demonstration recently, the daughter of the household walked over to the sink in the kitchen and said “Is that all the washing up there is from the four dishes you have cooked?”  You can save lots of time using the Thermomix for your cooking which will save you additional time at the sink. You can wash all of the TM5 parts in your dishwasher except (obviously) the machine itself. It will even wash itself – a really simple process!


Michel Roux Jnr, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc, Simon Hulstone, Tom Kerridge & Alan Murchison are but a few Michelin Star chefs who use Thermomix in their professional kitchens. You will also see Thermomix used on TV: Saturday Kitchen, James Martin and Australian Master Chef. One of my Michelin Star chef buddies says his Thermomix is like having a great Commis Chef in his kitchen who never turns up late – or not at all! Thermomix will arrange for a suitable Chef Demonstrator to demonstrate and advise you on the “Commerial” use of the TM5.



The TM5 comes with a 2 year warranty for domestic use (1 year commercial) and great after sales support, plus your TM Advisor will always be available to provide you with great after sales service, advice and guidance. I am currently mentoring someone remotely while she is crossing the Atlantic in the 2014 ARC race with her husband and friends on a 60′ cruising yacht.


Basically ……….. don’t!  You will find Thermomix TM5s available, but just take a look at where they come from.  Most will be from Spain, Germany, Italy and Poland and no matter what the page says, you will NOT get a warranty.  The only people who can provide a Thermomix warranty in the UK is Thermomix UK and they do not sell on e.Bay.  I have a more comprehensive A4 advice sheet of reasons why you should not buy off e.Bay, which I am happy to send you – see email address below.


There are way too many to choose from, but these are ones which you will find useful in the first instance.






For more information or to book your FREE Thermomix Demonstration in the comfort of your own home or come to my house and I will cook for you.

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